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            Providing the outsider the information he/she needs, accurately and rapidly, is our business – this is where we come.?Our motto says "We Make Markets Predictable?" – as we really believe that any market can be predictable; and this is what we do – provide our knowledge and expertise to international companies to increase their confidence in international markets.

            Our company, ICG Consulting, Inc, operates market research, company intelligence and business consulting businesses under "Ignatov & Company Group" brand. We provide bespoke services to our global clients in several industries, from pharmaceuticals and IT to mining and chemicals.?

            Our specialty is conducting a multitude of in-depth tasks in:

            Fast Facts

            • Founded at September 1998 - so last year we celebrated 20 years in the market!
            • Currently our multinational team works in 40+ offices worldwide covering 50+ countries
            • We hold our principal office in London, UK since 2008
            • We provide services and products in 25+ sectors & industries
            • The average work experience of our experts and consultants counts for?25 years
            • We have 5 Sc.D. and 14 Ph.D. in our staff
            • Since 1999 Ignatov & Company Group manages a network of more than 600 freelancers worldwide
            • The geography of our clients covers more than 50 countries
            • In 2017-2018 about 70% of our projects referred to mature markets like the US, EU, Japan – and 30% to emerging markets (like China, Brazil or India).