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            ICG provides Market Research and Consulting services in IT since the company’s establishing in 1998.

            We have partner relations with governmental agencies responsible for IT regulation and standards, several large IT vendors, suppliers of hardware, etc. We have abilities to make interviews in local languages, to access governmental and industry sources (such as statistic databases, Custom offices’ import and export records, license and certification registers, best-practice-case databases, etc.)

            Currently we provide the following services in?IT markets worldwide:

            Market Research

            We provide a wide variety of information, including (but not limiting with):

            • Hardware
              • Servers
              • Workstations
              • Notebooks, sub-notebooks
              • Mobile computing devices
              • Network equipment
            • Software
              • OS
              • Office applications
              • B2B solutions (ERP, CRM, SCM, banking, insurance, call-centers, etc.)
              • Data/knowledge management solutions
            • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

            We did numerous successful research, survey and consulting projects in IT worldwide; some most recent cases are listed below (in alphabetic order):

            • Antivirus solutions market in Kazakhstan
            • Antivirus solutions market in Ukraine
            • Banking software market in Russia
            • Banking software market in Ukraine
            • Biometrics software market in Russia
            • Broadband market in Hungary
            • Broadband market in Romania
            • Broadband market in Southern Russia
            • CAD solutions market in Russia
            • Call center software solutions in Russia
            • Chemistry software market in CIS
            • CRM market in Poland
            • CRM market in Russia
            • Dental software market in Russia
            • E-books market in CIS
            • Educational software market in CIS
            • Electronic payment software market in Russia
            • Electronic payment software market in Ukraine
            • ERP market in Kazakhstan
            • ERP market in Russia
            • ERP market in Ukraine
            • Geology software in Russia
            • GIS market in Russia
            • Home network market in Nizhny Novgorod
            • Home network market in St.-Petersburg
            • Home network market in Yekaterinburg
            • Insurance software market in Russia
            • Internet radio market in Russia
            • IT consulting market in CIS
            • IT consulting market in Russia
            • IT outsourcing market in Poland
            • IT outsourcing market in Russia
            • Knowledge management solutions market in CIS
            • Legal software market in Kazakhstan
            • Legal software market in Russia
            • Legal software market in Ukraine
            • Market for e-Government solutions in Russia
            • Market for electronic trading systems in Russia
            • Network equipment market in Kazakhstan
            • Notebook market in Urals and Volga area of Russia
            • Real-time traffic & timetable information market in Poland
            • Real-time traffic & timetable information market in Russia
            • RFID market in Russia
            • Russia as location for IT outsourcing
            • SCM market in CIS
            • SCM market in Russia
            • Social networks in Russia
            • Social networks in Ukraine
            • VoIP market in Bulgaria
            • VoIP market in Hungary
            • VoIP market in Latvia
            • VoIP market in Poland
            • VoIP market in Russia

            Company Study

            In addition to common information (company’s financials, organization, management, etc.) we provide industry-specific intelligence?on?IT?companies, such?as:

            1. Hardware producers
            • Technologies and manufacturing processes, their flexibility
            • Use of third-part (contract) manufacturing, outsourcing and site transfers
            • Logistics
            • Test sites
            • Pricing policy
            • Dependent aftermarket
            • Dealership network, etc.
            1. Software companies
            • Specialization
            • Staffing policy and sources
            • R&D expenditures, staff and facilities
            • Use of third-part (contract) manufacturing, outsourcing and site transfers
            • Time-for-market of new product
            • Development KPI, etc.
            1. Service providers
            • Staffing policy and sources
            • Use of third-part (contract) manufacturing, outsourcing and site transfers
            • Partners
            • Participation in tenders, etc.