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            Financial benchmarking targets comparison of the financial figures (like revenues or EBITDA) and ratios (like ROI or Profit Margin); it’s a good way to measure your financial strength and performance vs. your competitors or customers and market’s (or industry’s) averages.

            ICG Consulting has large experience in making Financial Benchmarking – as standalone projects and as part of company study, market research and consulting job. We provide Financial Benchmarking services with a wide range of options:

            1. By type of financial:
            • Absolute figures (revenues, profit, assets, etc.)
            • Relative figures (ratios)
            1. By financial category:
            • Sales (revenues, net sales, etc.)
            • Financial results (EBITDA, profit, loss, profit margin, etc.)
            • Property (assets, inventory, etc.)
            • Liability (debts, etc.)
            • Capital
            • Cash-flow figures
            • Investment indicators (ROI, etc.)
            • Securities
            1. By company category:
            • Manufacturing companies
            • Trade companies
            • Service companies
            • Banks
            • Insurance companies
            • Funds
            • Other financial companies
            • Non-profit organizations
            • Government
            1. By consolidation level:
            • Consolidated corporate financials
            • Financials for corporate organization in a particular country or region (like “sales in Germany” or “EBITDA in Brazil”)
            • Financials for corporate organization in a particular industry (for diversified/multi-industry companies)
            • Financials with the separate facilities
            1. By time factor:
            • Past figures
            • Current figures
            • Planned and projected figures